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Hello! I’m Kam and I’ve had my 2 weeks work experience at Studio 24.

Work experience has to be one of the most notable events in Year 10. As a student, I had an opportunity to actually get insight into a company and see how it actually works.

I’ve had an amazing journey there and I hope you enjoy reading about it!

Why Studio 24?

I was deciding what kind of job I wanted to do for my work experience, and it took me a very long time to think about it. I found coding and programming as one of my interests in school so I chose a job related to digital. I also realised that this company covered a wide range of jobs to do, from social media to website building. I was fascinated and so I put it as my first choice without hesitating!

Alan showing Kam about some laptop operations

My first arrival to the office

I was a bit nervous on the first day as I’ve never been to a situation where I am doing things for a company rather than a school. I took the bus every morning to get to the office and it has been a great time for me to think about what’s coming next during the ride. I arrived at the Guildhall at 10a.m with nervousness, but my mind has changed since then . . .

The entrance to the Guildhall

First impressions

When I first arrived at the office, I was given a very warm welcome at the office. I could immediately feel the friendly atmosphere in the office and also from the others. I was a bit surprised by how this company works as they have a flexible office where I can meet different people everyday. I also worked with others via meetings and calls which is a brand new method for me. It showed me that a company could work in another way other than just an office. 

Kam and Simon standing next to a picture reading

Facing challenges

During these two weeks, my timetable has been filled with a lot of different activities. I’ve done a lot of tasks that are related to different aspects of this agency, from marketing to coding. However, as a Windows user, it took me some effort to adapt using a MacBook as some of the operations are completely different. I got used to it quickly though. I also had a lot of questions, but I was offered help every time by others and eventually I got all of them finished!


Kam is facing the screen and thinking about something

Websites are not as simple as I thought

I’ve always been curious about what’s in a website and how it actually works. I was really happy that I was able to learn a whole new coding language in just two weeks! Huge credit goes to Sean! He’s been helping me alongside the online course.

I learnt how to use html and CSS and that has been really helpful to me as it is the language used for websites (which made no sense to me before!). I was also shown the content management system where the content in a website is managed and modified.

Now I can understand exactly how a website works. One new concept that I learnt was “Accessibility”. This idea has been existing in websites that I’ve been using for years and I realised it is more important than I thought. It has completely changed my views on websites.

I even got a project to do in the last few days. My task was to create the footer of the Cambridge Film Festival web page. Although I always needed help from Jamie, it was a great opportunity for me to apply what I’ve just learnt into a real project.


Kam is creating a program

Thank you everyone!

I want to thank you all who helped me when I was unsure, who trusted me to do anything for you and spent time explaining to me. I’m really grateful that I could work in this office and meet lots of nice people, with professional devices (better than the ones in my school!). I want to thank Kate as she introduced me to this friendly community and she has been helping me from the first day. It’s been a pleasure to work with this amazing team!

Lastly, thank you for reading about my experience and I hope this inspires you that there are lots of possibilities waiting for you. Good luck with your future!

Everyone is working on their computers in the office
Fran is helping Kam as he points at the screen
Isaac sharing his screen to Kam
Sean is helping Kam with coding