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Jamie moved to the UK from Ireland in 2016 to pursue a degree in Computer Science at Nottingham Trent University. While doing a course in games development, he had to create a marketing website for the game. He got caught up in the idea of creating websites and since then has thrown himself headlong into the web development rabbit hole – including being an active member of the thriving Nottingham tech community.

Over the course of his career, Jamie feels lucky to have been surrounded by people who are genuinely passionate about the subject which has really inspired him. He loves web development because there’s always something new to learn.

Jamie’s main skillset lies in CSS and CMS templating. He has polished his front-end skills in CSS and he also works with JavaScript frameworks like React and Vue. He has used these skills to explore headless technologies.

Accessibility has been an important part of Jamie’s work and he is excited to continue his journey into the wonderful world of accessible front-end development with Studio 24.

Jamie considers himself a bit of a word nerd and sets aside some free time to learn languages. At the moment he is learning Norwegian and before that he was learning Japanese.

He will often be accompanied to online meetings by his Caique parrot, Pixel.