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Drupal, what is it and why do we use it?

Code, 3 min read, 19th February 2015

Drupal began in 1999 as a message board; within a year or so more and more people were using and contributing to it. The project was then released as Open Source under the GNU public licence; making it free to download.

Simon R Jones
Simon R Jones

What are coding standards and why should I care?

Code, 4 min read, 10th November 2014

Part of delivering high quality code to our clients is ensuring consistency. It’s even more important if you work in a team because initially every member of the team has their own way of doing things.

Guest blogger

Multiple environments in WordPress

Code, 3 min read, 5th March 2014

WordPress, like many CMSs, only has support out-of-the-box for one environment which makes testing difficult. There are various solutions to this, and at Studio 24 we've developed a simple configuration system that makes managing multiple environments in WordPress really easy.

Simon R Jones
Simon R Jones

Taming MAMP on the command line (and upgrading PEAR)

Code, 3 min read, 24th June 2011

MAMP is a great tool to run Apache, PHP and MySQL on your Mac but it doesn't always behave that well on the command line. This article will show you how to tame MAMP, upgrade PEAR and finally install that PHPUnit you've always wanted to!

Simon R Jones
Simon R Jones