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Drupal 8 is here!

Code, 4 min read, 19th November 2015

As open source advocates we’re delighted that today sees the launch of the latest Drupal release. Congratulations to the Drupal community!

Simon R Jones
Simon R Jones

Drupal 8.0.0-rc1 has been released!

Code, 4 min read, 16th October 2015

With this first release candidate we are one step closer to the launch of Drupal 8, which will set a new standard for ease of use in CMS.

Sean Dunwoody
Sean Dunwoody

Drupal, what is it and why do we use it?

Code, 3 min read, 19th February 2015

Drupal began in 1999 as a message board; within a year or so more and more people were using and contributing to it. The project was then released as Open Source under the GNU public licence; making it free to download.

Simon R Jones
Simon R Jones

What are coding standards and why should I care?

Code, 4 min read, 10th November 2014

Part of delivering high quality code to our clients is ensuring consistency. It’s even more important if you work in a team because initially every member of the team has their own way of doing things.

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