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Studio 24 are delighted to be officially trained on the Sylius eCommerce platform
Sylius is an open source eCommerce platform built on Symfony in PHP – the programming language we prefer to use at Studio 24. We’ve have been using Sylius for two years for clients who required an eCommerce platform with a higher level of customisation than off-the-shelf solutions can provide. We chose it initially because of the strong, testable codebase which has been built to a high quality, with extending of the features made simple. The training confirmed what we already knew – that this is a well-structured, easily integrated eCommerce system. And it has beautiful, clean code (yes, this matters!).

The training was an eye-opening insight and guidance not just to an overall rather well-structured eCommerce platform but also into OOP (Object Oriented Programming) in general.

Carlos Eriksson
Carlos Eriksson, Studio 24

To make sure we are providing our clients with the very best tailored eCommerce solutions the team had 3 days of Sylius training. We pride ourselves on giving exceptional customer service, so training included front end, back end and support developers – so that everyone understands Sylius’ full capabilities.

I thought it was very good and helpful, I feel a lot more confident in its capabilities.

Alan Isaacson
Alan Isaacson, Studio 24

A big thanks to Mateusz, our trainer, who really was extremely knowledgeable and brilliant at explaining the various aspects of the software including slightly obscure functionality such as modifiers, promotional codes and tax processing. He also talked about best practise PHP coding – which everyone found beneficial.

The Sylius training was great, Mateusz was extremely knowledgeable and eager to explain the various aspects of the software. I definitely feel a lot more comfortable in knowing how and where things in Sylius are built.

Gareth Trinkwon
Gareth Trinkwon, Studio 24

As an agency we can now unleash Sylius’s full capabilities and we are looking forward to getting our hands on some future custom eCommerce challenges. We already have many new Sylius projects planned for the coming year, and we couldn’t be more excited to get back into the code and begin!