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A summary of my talk at Cambridge Wide Open Day with links to accessibility resources

This week I talked about the importance of accessibility for Cambridge Wide Open Day. The talk was in the courtroom at The Guildhall. It’s an interesting venue, but no one was on trial and I am definitely not here to judge!

I wanted the attendees to understand a bit more about website accessibility, why it matters, who it affects (lots of us!), and why it’s important to business and society. One key message I wanted to get across is if you’re new to accessibility it can feel a bit overwhelming, but even making small changes can make a big difference to a lot of people. You can view the slides from the talk (PDF – 1MB) and I’ve added a few links to key resources below.

Simon is standing at the back of the courtroom beneath a big royal crest. A screen in front reads: building an accessible web and why it matters.


About accessibility

How accessibility affects you by job role

Testing for accessibility

Writing for accessibility

You can also start your accessibility journey with us. We offer a single page accessibility review to identify where you have high-impact issues. We’ll explain the problems these cause for your visitors and offer recommendations on how to fix them.