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A project manager with a super power of working to tight deadlines

Fran is a friendly and composed project manager. He builds trusted relationships with clients and their stakeholders and works collaboratively to deliver projects. Fran has great attention to detail and will effectively manage schedules and studio resources to meet project milestones. He will guide clients through the stages of their digital project to deliver excellent work on time and on budget. 

Fran has been the lead Project Manager for a number of high-profile clients including UK Parliament and CBM Global.

Fran was particularly pleased to be working with UK Parliament as he holds an MSc in International Public Policy from University College London.

And with CBM Global there is an opportunity to conduct some meetings in Italian. It’s always nice to be able to speak with clients in your first language! 

Fran’s hobbies include trail running, watching trains with his toddler, and his beloved football team Juventus.

Fran has been an excellent project manager, guiding us along the journey of the project brilliantly. He has clearly communicated each step and is guiding us through the development.

Steph Mingay, Syrris