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A chat with tech lead Marie Manandise

We sat down with Marie to chat about some of the highlights of the W3C redesign project.


Redesigning W3C

My name is Marie and I’m the front end team lead at Studio 24

Who are W3C?

The World Wide Web Consortium is an organisation that sets out standards on how to build things on the web and on web technologies in general. And they’re the reason why you can look at a website on any browser or any device and get the same, or a similar, experience. Because following standards means that the web remains universal and unfragmented.

How did you feel when Studio 24 was awarded the job?

Well, I was really excited because it’s a once-in-a-career opportunity to work with the highest authority in the field that a web developer could work with.

What was your role in the project?

Two main responsibilities, one was first selecting the right content management system to store the content of the W3C website. And further down the line, it was acting as tech lead so really supporting the tech team and building, effectively, the website.

What have you learnt from this project?

We settled a series of debates as to the best practices and the best way to do certain things and we will use that, those conclusions, in the future for all the projects that we take on from now on.

There’s the confidence as an agency that, yes, we can take on challenging projects. And there’s definitely opportunities that I see out there, call for tenders etc, which I would have shied away from before. And now we’re just thinking let’s go for it. We’ll just ask the right questions, negotiate, and we are the right people to do it. That’s one thing, so that confidence.

Working in the open

On top of working with a client who can actually input on the way we implement things with authority, we were exposing everything that we were doing to the community. And of course we were a bit nervous about doing that. But I think one of the lessons is that we got a lot more comfortable and a lot more confident about what we do and that we can be proud of our work and put it out there. And actually the community is very constructive giving feedback and helping.