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Four examples of using your website to meet stakeholder needs

Construction projects need to present a lot of information for a lot of different audiences. Each stakeholder group wants their needs prioritised and met. We can help you to do that.

We have worked in the construction sector for over a decade, designing and building websites to match the scope and vision of our client’s projects.

Evolving your online presence can help you to communicate effectively with community and other stakeholders and contribute to the success of your project. We’ve picked four examples to give you some ideas of how this can be done: user research, content strategy, interactive maps, and online consultations.

You were all very much key players in the delivery of the railway and helping to ensure we had a digital presence befitting of such a massive mega project!

Tom Lawson, Crossrail

User research

For big construction projects, your website is seen as the single source of truth. Such projects bring a wealth of benefits and supporters but will also cause disruption and bring opposition. It’s vitally important to identify and understand your varying user groups along with their situations, motivations, and needs.

Good user research enables you to understand how your project is perceived and plan your content. Throughout your project, the level of interaction of a specific user group will ebb and flow based on the milestone or phase you are in. Knowing your users allows your team to plan and communicate effectively and efficiently at those times.

A dedicated team, professional and with fresh ideas that push the envelope with what can be done, not just visually, but technically too.

Adam Anderson, London Heathrow Airport

Content strategy

Your website is an ideal communication tool for honest and open engagement throughout the project lifespan, including the project legacy. We can work with you on your digital strategy and help you to evolve your website to meet the changing needs of your stakeholders as the project progresses.

We will design your website so that each stakeholder group can find what they need from you – whether that is residents, businesses, environmental groups, government, or the media.

Your website is also a wonderful way to share your social values, for example, decarbonisation, leveling up, equality, and sustainability. Use your website to highlight and share your positive stories and achievements, promoting your corporate values and achieving better engagement with stakeholders.

In this case study, we show how we designed a website for River Thames Scheme to prioritise stakeholder engagement.

We thought the experience you could bring to the project from the similar projects you have worked on is unparalleled.

Major Projects Communications Manager, Surrey County Council

Interactive maps

Interactive maps are visually appealing and make complex information easily understandable, helping you to reach a wider audience. The HS2 route map is the most visited page on the HS2 website.

Maps are extremely flexible in the information they present. They can give up-to-date information about the progress of construction and its impacts (for example start and end dates for the work). And layers can be added to include, for example, archaeological finds.

Read how we developed the Crossrail Near You map in this case study.

Screenshot of the Crossrail Near You Interactive map, with drop down menu showing the different layers including stations, routes, current works and archaeological finds
The Crossrail Near You map, with drop down menu showing the different layers

A trusted partner, patiently shaping briefing and responding with solid delivery.

Nick Jones, HS2

Online consultations

Construction has an impact on communities – how people live, work and travel. Stakeholder engagement builds good relationships in the communities where developments take place and contributes to the success of the project.

An online consultation is an excellent addition to how you communicate with community stakeholders alongside other methods such as face-to-face meetings and by post.

Online consultations have the advantage of offering your stakeholders the option to find out more about the project in their own time, formulate a response, and submit that response at their own convenience.

Not everyone can make a set time at a village hall to talk with you, so an online consultation can increase engagement and broaden the demographics of those who engage with you. This gives you more opportunities to talk about the benefits of your project.

Read how we developed an online consultation for the Heathrow Expansion project to support the paper consultation.

Selection of screenshots from the Heathrow Consultation website with sections including resources and guidance, and My Responses.
The Heathrow consultation website

Studio 24 is hands down the best agency I’ve worked with on anything, ever. The team is the best web development agency I’ve ever dealt with. Thorough, innovative, creative, strategic, and more… they’ve got it all. I could not recommend Studio 24 highly enough!

Chris Loy, London Heathrow Airport

We hope these four examples have sparked some ideas! For more website inspiration drop us a line or give us a call and see how we can support the success of your construction project.