Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre

Exceptional conference and meeting facilities at the heart of life-changing science


The client

The Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre is a beautiful complex within the Hinxton Hall Estate and its 100-acre parkland bordering the river Cam. It is located alongside research institutions that are both at the forefront of the biomedical revolution and home to life-changing scientific history, creating a unique combination of atmosphere, history and cutting-edge science. The Conference Centre is part of Wellcome Genome Campus Connecting Science.

The project

The Conference Centre marketing team needed a website that better reflected the high quality of the venue and showcases the environment and facilities. The main goal of the website is to allow prospective customers to explore the venue, be inspired and make the decision to book it for their event.
The website needed to be able to be easily maintained by the marketing team and integrate with some existing systems. We also needed to work closely with the IT Team, who would be hosting the site and taking over maintenance of the project on completion.

The solution

To meet the project brief we:

  • Designed a visually stunning website to showcase the Conference Centre and inspire potential customers
  • Created a fully operational and compatible site within the given timeframe
  • Developed a Wordpress site with custom functionality, such as the room search function
  • Supported the in-house IT team with deploying the website
  • Ensured the site could easily be edited by the marketing team

The client was extremely happy with the outcome and we have continued to work together on additional projects such as the Connecting Science website.

View the Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre website.

"Working with Studio 24 is a real pleasure. Every person I’ve come in contact with there is friendly, professional and efficient. The design work they’ve done on both the sites we’ve commissioned is exceptional, perfectly encapsulating and illustrating their intended message and purpose. The choice of WordPress also closely matches our needs, providing us with a flexible way of edit both sites easily."

Emily Boldy, Marketing and Communications Officer

Connecting Science website

Following on from the Conference Centre website, Connecting Science asked us to create its own website. Connecting Science enables everyone to explore genomic science and its impact on research, health and society. It comprises four teams which aim to inspire new thinking, spark conversation and support learning by drawing on the ground-breaking research taking place on the Wellcome Genome Campus. 

Our challenge was to create a website which communicated the global mission and values of the programme, whilst allowing the work and identity of the individual teams to shine through. Again we chose Wordpress to power the website. We designed using subtle use of the Campus’ polygon shape to give a consistent but understated look across the website. We used colour to differentiate between the four teams, while designing the Connecting Science umbrella design in monochrome with gold accents.

The team are very pleased with the representation of them and their work.

Visit the Connecting Science website.

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