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The Major Projects Knowledge Hub (MPKH) is a rich resource for industry professionals. By working with MPKH to understand the user experience (UX), Studio 24 drove traffic to the site, improved engagement and helped users to make the most of their membership.

About the client

Established in 1981, the Major Projects Association is a membership association for organisations engaged in the delivery and the development of major projects, programmes and portfolios. The Major Projects Knowledge Hub was set up to facilitate conversations and share best practice on major projects by industry experts.

Challenges and Goals

Studio 24 has been the digital partner of the Major Projects Association since 2016.  In 2018, the client approached us with a request to improve engagement with their Knowledge Hub. This engagement should include both members and non-members. Key project objectives included:

  • Help non-members to understand the core purpose of the Knowledge Hub and encourage then to join
  • Encourage members to engage with the content and collaborate with peers.
  • Attract and connect with industry experts in the field of major projects
  • Increase quality contributions to the Knowledge Hub from industry experts

The revamp of the site is a real game-changer! Thank you to everyone in the Studio 24 team that has helped with the new version.

Jonathan Norman, Knowledge Hub Manager, Major Project Association


Studio 24 conducted a website audit to review the structure and understand user journeys. From the perspective of both non-members and members, we developed an understanding of the obstacles to engagement. It was clear that the key to unlocking the potential of the Knowledge Hub would be to focus on the quality content and we looked at where redesigning certain aspects of the site would make the content more open and accessible.

Based on the audit findings and user journeys, we made the following improvements to the homepage:

  • New content highlighted to sustain the interest of existing members and attract new visitors
  • A video introduction to help new users to familiarise themselves with the activities of the organisation
  • Clear information on how to get involved from joining to contributing with an emphasis on the collaborative nature of The Hub
  • Signposts focus the reader on the varied nature of the contributions – from blog articles, and events to thought leadership.

A new versatile page template was built which supported various content formats such as videos, scrapbooks, campaigns and user-generated articles. We also:

  • Partly removed the membership feature so all visitors to the website can access the information. This would give non-members the impetus to join.
  • Categorised articles into news, guest posts and events, with the option to search by theme, sector and audience. Not only is this more convenient for members, but it is a showcase for the scope of the Hub to attract industry professionals.
  • Simplified and improved site navigation to reflect the new content emphasis and help users find and engage with good content.

We designed a new layout to make the website more interactive for the end user. By making it more accessible, users could find the exact information they needed. We also reviewed language and naming conventions across the site to improve user understanding and usability.

Isaac Lowe
Isaac Lowe, Studio 24

The results

Following the changes made by Isaac and the team which focused on user journeys and accessible content, traffic to the Knowledge Hub shot up.


traffic increase after launch compared to the same period pre-launch.


increase in page views indicating improvements in interaction with the content on the website.


increase of new users, showing that the website is reaching a wider audience of new users online.