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We worked with i3P to help their innovative new platform to achieve its full potential: facilitating and encouraging collaboration between the brightest minds in infrastructure.

About the client

i3P (Infrastructure Industry Innovation Platform) is an independent innovation community governed by representatives from its member organisations. Membership is open to clients from major infrastructure projects, construction programmes, and their supply chains. i3P will help members to:

  • transform ideas into opportunities and practical solutions
  • identify areas for potential industry improvement
  • share ideas and partner in projects that drive increased value across the infrastructure industry.


Existing members of the i3P website were able to access valuable industry information, but this barrier of membership was discouraging new users from interacting with the site. i3P wanted to attract new members, whilst at the same time maintaining the value and benefits of the portal for existing members.


The user experience is at the heart of all our work. Working with the client we identified the users of the i3P website. Taking the perspective of the users we brainstormed why they might visit this website, why they would sign up for membership and what benefits they would enjoy with membership.

From these discussions, Isaac Lowe – our Design Strategy Director, reviewed the site map and considered which layers of the website non-members could access to pique their interest in the portal. As well as considering which layers were best kept as a benefit for members only.

From this, we made a new feature which would allow the non-member to read a small snippet of text from key areas of the website including news, innovations and projects. The non-member would then have to register as a member to finish reading the article. We struck a balance between revealing enough information to encourage the reader to sign up to continue reading, and simultaneously ensuring only members could fully benefit from the site.

We also improved the experience of members by providing them with additional benefits such as applying for funding, learning about innovations and engaging with other i3P members.

This was a great project to work on as it had the user experience at its heart. Understanding user and organisational goals is a key part of the research and development that we undertake when preparing for a project. Because we make sure we have a thorough understanding of the client and their users at the start of the project we can make effective changes within the agreed time frame and budget.

Isaac Lowe
Isaac Lowe, Studio 24


Studio 24 enhanced the i3P website to attract new members whilst retaining the benefits for existing members. The project was delivered on time and in budget.

The project launched in October 2018 and the client has been pleased to see more and more information being shared.

i3P has been working with studio 24 for nearly 3 years and in that time they have been a proactive partner in helping i3P develop and shape the i3P innovation portal. i3P is a very complex project, with an ambitious plan involving numerous clients and stakeholders all with their own unique message and vision, something which studio 24 have always been very understanding of. Studio 24 are a very reactive and helpful team always willing to recommend and provide bespoke solutions to our ever-changing needs.