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The Animal Health Trust (AHT) had ambitious plans for their new website. The Studio 24 team worked with the AHT to focus on their most important goals, like the donation process. We improved the navigation by focussing on user journeys and it has transformed the online presence of the Animal Health Trust.

About the client

The Animal Health Trust employs over 200 scientists, vets and support workers. Its principal objectives are to fight disease and injury in animals, and to advance the teaching and practice of veterinary art and science. Thanks to their pioneering work horses, dogs and cats are living healthier, happier lives – in the UK and across the world.

Project goals

The Animal Health Trust website is used for fundraising, for raising awareness of the charity, and as a research hub. A key challenge in this project was to engage with the wide range of user groups. Our challenge was to:

  • Increase online donations
  • Improve navigation enabling the different audiences to find information relevant to them quickly
  • Design an attractive and interactive website, with an easy-to-use CMS.

Increasing online donations

As a charity, the Animal Health Trust relies heavily on public support and their generous donations.

The new website needed to engage with the public, showcasing the vital work that the charity carries out and politely encouraging visitors to donate online. As is often the case, AHT is using a third party service to collect donations (Committed Giving). We designed and implemented a donation form that is user-friendly and seamlessly integrates within the main AHT website whilst working within the constraints of the third party donation management platform. We also took care of communicating directly with the technical team of Committed Giving.

The website is already having a big impact on funding for the charity. When we compared Feb/March/April 2019 donations to the same months in 2018, the charity saw a 31% increase in the total value of online donations and a 220% increase in the total number of online donations.

Improving navigation

Due to the wide-ranging audiences that the Animal Health Trust work with; from vets and scientists, through to the general public and their generous sponsors, it was imperative that the website appealed to all of these audiences in an engaging and user-friendly way.

We undertook an initial discovery phase which allowed us to fully understand the business requirements, along with user goals and their needs. To help inform this, we facilitated user workshops and garnered feedback across a wide range of stakeholders.

This workshop helped define key user groups and their critical paths, which resulted in a recommended information architecture (IA) for the new website.

The sitemap detailed key entry points for each user group and accommodated bespoke landing pages covering key areas of interest for core user groups. This strategy allows very different users with different goals to navigate the website effectively to find the content relevant to them.

Shortly after the new website launched equine flu broke out. There was a huge increase in traffic and the new website was crucial in educating users about the epidemic. The key information about equine flu was available on PDF. Between 28th January and 26th February 2019 this PDF had been downloaded 25,180 times.

It was clear from the discovery phase that the charity engaged with many different users – from those requiring detailed scientific insight such as vets and research scientists to pet owners and charity supporters. Creating a site that would attract and engage all the stakeholders was a key criteria for success. Working closely with the client during the workshops and wireframing allowed us to understand user journeys and develop a well organised site with clear and defined pathways allowing all users to access the information they need quickly.

Francesco Fabbro
Francesco Fabbro, Studio 24
Veterinary Professionals page
Research into Disease page

Implementing an easy to use CMS

To ensure the website remains current and showcases the breadth of work the Animal Health Trust carry out, it was critical we selected an easy to use Content Management System (CMS).

Using WordPress we were able to build a selection of templates and components, which allow the Animal Health Trust to ‘mix and match’ various content types and showcase them in a range of ways; from text and images, through to audio and video.

We undertook CMS training with the AHT staff, to ensure they have autonomy on managing their content, and are utilising all content types available to them within the CMS.

Our new website helps us take a huge step forward in how we present the Animal Health Trust and the important work we do. The team at Studio 24 has been incredible in helping us define what we need to do, and then giving us the tools to enable us to do this. The process from start to finish has been nothing but positive. We are over the moon with the results and look forward to continuing our relationship with Studio 24, ensuring the website delivers the much-needed awareness and income we so desperately rely on as a charity.

Farrah Owens, Marketing Manager at the Animal Health Trust
About Us page

The results

We’ve seen some brilliant results in the first 3 months since the website launch. We are working with the client on the call to action to increase online donations even more.

220% increase in the number of online donations

31% increase in the value of online donations

50% increase in new users