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Laravel developer and advocate for women in tech

Zuzana is a full stack web developer specialised with Laravel. She’s been an active part of the Laravel community for many years, speaking at Laracon conferences and sharing her knowledge. She joins Studio 24 as a PHP Developer, focussed on solving complex problems for our clients and building accessible and user-friendly web apps.

Zuzana won a Google scholarship for their Udacity nano degree program in web accessibility. You can see her journey to becoming a web developer on Google’s blog. Zuzana aspires to learn something new every day – luckily, being a developer, there is never a lack of learning opportunities!

Zuzana founded Larabelles, an online community for Laravel developers who are under-represented due to gender. Larabelles focuses on encouraging more folks to consider a career in tech and providing a safe space to feel welcome and supported, not just at the beginning of their development career but throughout.