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A champion of accessibility

Nicola believes that developers have a responsibility to write code that doesn’t exclude people based on their abilities or the technology they use. Studio 24 works with many Public Sector organisations and Nicola ensures their websites maintain a WCAG 2.1 AA standard, which not only is best practice but also complies with the law.

Nicola has worked on the front-end build for some of our biggest clients including HS2, UK Parliament, and W3C.

As an accessibility advocate, Nicola feels it is a huge personal honour to be able to work on the W3C project. She is responsible for the static front-end prototyping of components and page templates.

It has been a mixture of excitement and nerves to be working in the open, with decisions scrutinised by other devs and the wider W3C community. There isn’t a set way to work in website development and there will always be differing opinions on how to do things. Nicola has grown in confidence because of this, being able to explain and defend decisions.

The highlight so far of Nicola’s time at Studio 24 has come during the W3C project, where she explained her CSS strategy to the co-creator of CSS!

I really, really like the way this is moving. Readability, openness, modern design. It’s what we need to create a world-class website.

Alan Bird, W3C