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Front end, back end, support, custom development... Gareth does it all

Gareth is a skilled front end and back end developer. In front end development Gareth has extensive experience working with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. In back end development, he draws on his many years of experience writing PHP with WordPress as well as designing custom plugins. He is currently developing skills working within Symfony.

Gareth works closely with clients including HS2, Parliamentary Digital Service, and Comtec and is the lead developer for ACOG.

With his broad skill set, Gareth is part of our dedicated support and maintenance team and is the first contact for clients should a technical issue arise on their websites. He is a brilliant and diligent problem solver. Each day on the support desk brings new challenges! Tasks can include site updates (followed by a thorough QA check), feature requests, bug fixing, and optimising code to improve search engine performance.

Gareth is also the lead support developer for HS2 and has worked on their hosting migration across to AWS, setting up a robust high-availability infrastructure with high-performance caching.

He also maintains hosting infrastructure for the studio, including provisioning and configuration of servers, networking, and SSL installations. Gareth is a certified AWS Cloud Practitioner and is working on further certifications.

Studio 24 has an excellent approach to their customers and the work they do for them. They are attentive, friendly, skilled, receptive, responsive, and efficient. 

Emily Boldy, Wellcome Genome Campus