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Hi my name is Ryley Robinson and I am from Melbourn Village College (my secondary school) and I am a 15 year old who is doing work experience at Studio 24.

What I have been doing

  • Setup the Mac with Alan
  • Be part of meetings
  • Learning code with Sean
  • A project to do with social media (Ian and Kate)
  • Learn about what a Project Manager does
  • Meet with partners of the company (Cambridge Film Festival)
  • Uploading company handbook

What I have learnt

  • The basics of code
  • How to upload data onto a website
  • How websites work
  • Different designs for different technology such as mobiles, laptops, iPads, pc, tv and many more.
  • I have learnt that people tend to do hybrid working

What I liked the most

Uploading the company handbook (proud of myself) because it felt like I was helping the company out.

The project with Ian and Kate because it is something I enjoy doing at home and it is a strength of mine.

Meeting with the people down at the Cambridge Film Festival (Espe and Abby) as it was fun seeing how they work behind the scenes. And getting to know what they do.

What has been the trickiest

Coding is very tough to get your head round especially when you are a newcomer to it, so it takes time to learn.

Trying to learn everything about a website with very little knowledge is tricky (with experience 😉 )