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Have you found yourself endlessly googling phrases such as: SEO tips, how to do effective SEO, or will SEO help my website? You need help my friend, and we’re here to make the process easier. We can give you 6 very persuasive reasons why you should think about using an SEO agency:

#1 You will work with a dedicated team of experts

First of all, something you might not realise is that you will be working with a team of experts… SEO? It’s their job, and they know exactly what is happening in the world of search, they live and breathe the stuff. The next thing to think about, is that there will be a whole team of these experts all on hand to get behind your website, offering combined years of experience and advice.

#2 In-house technical support

At this stage you might not be thinking about technical support, but choosing an agency with a rounded range of services such as Studio 24 may be a great benefit to you in the future. Expansion and further work on your website is much easier to plan with an agency who already have a good working relationship with you.

#3 Latest industry tools, and you won’t have to spend a penny

Another aspect that very few people take into account is the abundance of expensive tools an SEO agency will have invested in. This means they have already spent money on the latest industry tools so you don’t have to. Is this all starting to make an awful lot of sense?

#4 If you want to spend your pennies, we can help you decide…

In addition to this if your business feel the need to invest in SEO tools your agency will have already tried and tested what’s hot. They will also be able to advise what will be best for you.

#5 Training for your in-house colleagues

Have you ever thought about the training opportunities available with an SEO agency? We are always more than happy to devote time to SEO, social media training and more. This allows you to bring some of the knowledge from your carefully selected SEO investment in-house (and scoring brownie points with your co workers).

#6 All’s well that ends well

And finally… how does this all benefit your in-house marketing team? Enlisting the help of a specialised search agency alleviates pressure from your marketing team; this allows them to focus on other tasks. To add to this offering training invests in them as team members, developing them in their own career.

If you’re interested in one or more of the above points we’ve made for the benefits of using a search agency, give our lovely team a call to chat about what we might be able to do for you. And we won’t ask for your soul, promise.