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Every digital marketing journey starts somewhere and it takes you somewhere different depending on your type of business. To truly get the most out of your digital marketing efforts though you must understand what it is you want to achieve. It is with this in mind that we share with you our trifecta of digital marketing here at Studio 24.

Technical SEO

It all starts with our SEO audit that delves deep into the site’s code, analysing all technical issues from a user perspective as well as from that of a crawler. We look at your site’s structure and examine pages for weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. Google are constantly introducing new features and updates that marketers can use to gain additional presence and visibility so an in-depth audit at the start of a new campaign or project will provide us with a comprehensive list of to-dos that will result in improved results and help prevent loss of traffic.

After our SEO audit, we move on to our backlink audit and this is a hugely important part of your technical profile with the ever-increasing scrutiny from Google to combat artificial link building efforts that some try to take advantage of. We have a collection of tools we use to identify and assess as many of your site’s backlinks as we can. This then helps provide us with an overall risk assessment that details which links may need to be removed or disavowed to protect your website from penalties. If you have received any penalty notices from Google before you have got in touch with us here at Studio 24 then we will still identify all toxic links and assist with their removal but also advise you on the best course of action to have these penalties reconsidered.

Once all audits are complete and the roadmap for improvement has been set out we then provide ongoing technical SEO monitoring and reporting. We collect tracking data from web analytics, premium subscription tools, Google Search Console, and more to provide a detailed account of your organic visibility and your standing alongside your identified competitors. As important as it is to have a strong and detailed SEO audit from the beginning, it is just as important to maintain these standards moving forward and to always be ready for any future updates that Google inevitably releases.

Content Marketing

You may have heard the term “Content is King” being bandied about amongst digital marketing circles and that is because it is entirely true, however if content is king then content marketing is the crown. Content marketing essentially involves the creation, and subsequent promotion, of relevant and interesting content for clearly defined audience groups with the aim of converting them into customers.

The benefits of effective content marketing are plentiful and therefore we take it as seriously as we do our technical audits. We start by analysing what your site is currently saying to its audience and whether it is meeting the needs of your business. We then drill deeper into what trends are currently gaining traction amongst your relevant audience groups and your identified competitors. We also consider your buying cycle and how your audience searches the internet to find the best possible style and shape of content for you.

As with technical SEO, content marketing should always be an ongoing process involving testing, learning, and refinement. The performance of the content is everything and so we report on engagement, visibility, social interaction and more to help measure its success. When done right you will find that your content generates quality inbound traffic to your website. It will help build you brand authority, it will increase engagement and it will ultimately help increase sales.

Inbound Marketing

It simply isn’t enough to have a search engine optimised website and quality content these days as social media has dramatically changed the way we interact and share ideas. Inbound marketing is all about what you do with the quality traffic that comes in and how you engage with them once they are there. The best plan is a varied plan from a wide array of sources so you don’t have an over-reliance on a single channel but from multiple angles.

When it comes to the execution of your plans and strategies we can work alongside your team or take the lead in doing the hands-on work to build your campaigns and help communicate your message and voice to multiple audiences. We produce a clear and actionable plan for how social activity and the sharing of your content can help you reach your objectives and help improve your brands reputation online. An integrated social strategy will offer strong opportunities to build positive relationships with your customers and promote your brand in an interactive way.

Just as with the technical aspects and the content aspects of our digital marketing, the inbound aspects aren’t simply window dressing and when social media is integrated well with all other online marketing activity then you will see a wealth of benefits. These include, but are not limited to, increased visibility of content and offers, faster indexation on all search platforms, a natural increase in links, and even increased organic click through. Do not underestimate the power of social in 2017.

That’s about it for where we begin though, the trifecta of digital marketing! From here onwards it is all about conversion tracking and keeping a close eye on results so we can adapt and continue to move where the puck is going rather where the puck is right now. We want to make sure that your return on investment in as impressive as possible and the trifecta is the perfect place to start.