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How do you navigate a digital market that is now centralized on the content and quality of your website?

Unknown to many of us, it is well worth spending a bit of time on your content marketing strategy. This includes: blog posts, news and updates and product information. Read on for some guidance on why we should be concentrating on content and what we can use it for.

So why should we be looking to add more content to our websites? The answer is: the more relevance to a potential customer’s search query Google can find, the higher your site’s rank will be (of course depending upon the rest of the sites structure and compliance).

So where do I start?

The first area that everyone can look to add extra content to is blog posts. You will find that a well-maintained and quality blog can become one of your key sales tools, providing the consumer with more information, which subtly attracts them to your product.

What else can you use your content for?

The benefits of a bank of quality content are huge, you can use you content for:

  • Your own blog posts
  • Sharing content on social media
  • Drawing potential customers to your site
  • Attracting authority links or ‘link bait’

What is the importance of attracting links?

Link building is the process of exchanging links with other websites in order to increase you own site’s quality back links. This can occur in two ways:

1. Your website is full of useful content and other blogs/ websites link to your content naturally.

2. You reach out to other blogs/ website offering them the chance to link to your website (regarded as an ‘unnatural’ link because you sought it out).

There is nothing worse than visiting a website where the last blog post was months ago, giving the impression that the website is not well cared for. Quality and fresh content being added to your site will let Google and visitors to your website know that your site is regularly maintained as well as being relevant for your market, this in turn will benefit your website’s ranking in Google search results.

Do you have the resources for creating content?

Although it may be tough to spare resources to spend time creating in-depth and quality content for your website, the impact of a creative content marketing strategy is invaluable.

Sharing your content across the web and building strong relationships with key industry influencers as well as other informative sources is a great way of becoming a reputable online authority.