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Juggling client’s expectations can be tricky when managing projects, but its all part and parcel of any good website project.

As a project manager, I see my two priorities as managing client’s expectations and delivering a project within scope and on budget. During the course of a project there are always things that crop up; whether it be new functionality, new content types or design changes. This is natural as projects evolve and needs of the client change.

Keeping things within scope is crucial however, and good communication with the client is key. Of course things are not necessarily set in stone but it’s important to highlight that anything that falls outside of the project scope will have implications on budget or deliverables. Depending on the client this can be a relatively easy thing to do, or sometimes it can be extremely difficult to manage.

Top 5 tips on effective Project Management:

  1. Motivate your project team
  2. Good communication, both internally and externally
  3. Managing client expectations
  4. Risk mitigation
  5. Learn from project outcomes to make improvements for the future

On the flip side in my role as an Account Manager, I ultimately want what is best for my client. The key is listening; listening to what a client actually wants and why, helps me to plan and come up with the best solution for them. This in turn hopefully meets or exceeds their expectation. I want the client to go away happy, recommend us and come back to us again and again. Building a long-term relationship, which is mutually beneficial, is always at the forefront of my mind when working with clients.

Top 5 tips on effective Account Management:

  1. Be honest with your clients
  2. Listen to your clients
  3. Adapt where possible to meet your client’s needs
  4. Treat your business relationship as a partnership which should be mutually beneficial
  5. Be proactive

Ultimately its about balancing project scope with client needs; demanding but also very rewarding for both the client and us.