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Siltn Depuydt, our intern from Howest University, visited PHP London to learn more about extreme programming

Hello, my name is Siltn, and I recently attended PHP London where Mark Bradley spoke about his experience with Extreme Programming. PHP London is a group focused on sharing knowledge among PHP developers, and they organize monthly conferences where speakers are invited to share their experiences.

I took the train at 5:00 PM to get to London since the conference was held in the evening. I was a bit nervous as I had never been to a conference alone, but everyone was really friendly and interested in what I was doing, which made me feel welcome. Plus, there was pizza, which was a pleasant surprise!

During this month’s conference, Mark Bradley was invited to talk about how his team started using Extreme Programming. Extreme Programming is a software development methodology based on the idea of turning all good practices to the extreme, for example, someone should review your code or you program in pairs.

Mark discussed the ups and downs of Extreme Programming, how he transitioned into this principle, and the different ways of pair programming.

Attending the conference was important to me since my friends and I had tried pair programming during our group projects at Howest University but we knew there were areas we could improve on. I was not disappointed with the conference as I learned a lot from it. I am confident that the next time I engage in pair programming, it will be much more efficient.

After the conference, I had the chance to stay and talk with everyone, which was a great experience. I learned about what others do on a daily basis and received feedback on my thesis and plans. The feedback and ideas were valuable and gave me a lot to think about.

Watch Mark Bradley’s talk on YouTube.