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When I came on board with Studio 24 it was an easy decision for me, one that was heavily influenced by the sense of camaraderie and teamwork that I felt every time I visited the office. Once I had settled in I was asked what it was that attracted me to the role initially and it got me thinking...

I’m sure that for many of us there was a time when we were growing up where we aspired to a dream job. That job that seemed so perfect and ideal for us specifically. There were those who wanted to help people and be in the police force or fire service or to become a doctor. There were those who wanted to be a sports star and to become football champions or cricket captains.

I always wanted to be a filmmaker. I would re-enact classic kung fu movies in the garden with my friends. I would learn all the dialogue for entire films and could perform them at any given moment. I would scare myself silly watching horror movies that I was nowhere near old enough to process and understand. All of this was for love, the love of cinema. I would write short sketches and make films out of them with my Dad’s home video camera and record sound effects to play as background noise to help increase the realism. None of this felt like work of course, it was all because of passion.

Flash cut forward to 2016. I am now in my early thirties and a Digital Marketing Executive at Studio 24. Although this may seem vastly different to the perfect job that 10 year old me had envisioned, it actually shares many of the traits that made filmmaking seem so attractive to me all those years ago.

Firstly, filmmaking is a collaborative effort and there truly are so many different moving parts that must come together to create something beautiful and entertaining and that stands the test of time. From the Director to the actors to the editors to the cinematographers to the screenwriters, there is so much talent there and so much teamwork. Studio 24 is no different. From our strategic team to our developers to our SEO and PPC experts to our designers and our project and account managers, we all play a part in what makes Studio 24 so special and something to be proud of.

The similarities do not stop there however, not by a long shot. Cinema is an extremely creative medium. It has an overflowing wealth of previous works to admire and draw inspiration from and yet each and every year we still find something new to create characters around and build a narrative from. Studio 24 has the same great wealth of knowledge and experience and together we generate new ideas and unique projects that fit our client’s specific needs.

My final example, and in many ways the strongest case for why I truly feel lucky and happy to be a part of the team here, is passion! Without passion then filmmaking becomes a “by the numbers” slot column A into hole B type of scenario. We have all seen those films before. The ones that remind you of every other film in that same genre that came before it. Less inspired by and more copied from. With passion you see something different. You get a stronger feeling from what you are seeing an experience that sticks with you long after the credits have rolled. That is what I saw immediately when I joined Studio 24.

The team is quite large and yet very close to each other and we are all passionate about what we do. I came from a freelance background and was looking forward to becoming a part of a team again but never expected to be amongst such an interesting and passionate bunch of people. Maybe, just maybe, I did end up in my perfect job after all.

If you’d like to know more, take a look at our team page, explore our work through the Cambridge Film Festival case study, or get in contact for a chat.