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Studio 24 are very pleased to announce that the website for brand new hydration-aid Droplet has launched.

Set to change the face of hydration in care homes, hospitals and at home recovery. Droplet is the newest innovative tool for patients and carers in effectively managing hydration.

Visit: www.droplet-hydration.com

Droplet, The Product:

Droplet is the invention of Ellie Van Leeuwen, a Product Design graduate from Bournemouth University. Ellie’s aim was to develop a solution to dehydration amongst elderly people in hospital and in care.

Droplet is a modular system allows users to use different parts of the system depending on the patient’s needs. The hydration kit consists of:

  • Droplet Smart Base

  • Droplet Mug

  • Droplet Tumbler

  • Droplet Flow Control Lid (x2)

The ethos behind the design of Droplet is that the cups are familiar, lightweight and easy to grip whilst providing dignity to the user. The smart base has a voice reminder function which allows family and friends to record reassuring reminders which remind the user to drink intermittently.

Droplet has been developed in partnership with over 100 healthcare professionals and will soon be available to buy on Amazon. You can sign up for updates at Droplet.

Marketing The Product:

The Droplet team were looking for a website to represent the product and become a sales tool. The website needed to reflect the innovation of the drinking system as well as research and testing involved the final product, whilst at the same time conveying the story and humanity behind Droplet.

The website has been developed using component-based responsive web design using open source technology, WordPress. This allows the client greater flexibility in expanding the website in the future.

We are delighted to have been able to contribute to this project, it has been exciting to see a new product and assist in its delivery to various sectors.

I really enjoyed working on the Droplet website along with Zoe, Natalie, Ellie and the rest of the team. Droplet is a really simple yet life-changing product, and Spearmark commitment to it inspired me throughout the whole project. I’m very happy with the site we built: it both showcases the product and its range, whilst also celebrating the people behind it.