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The theme for Learning at Work Week this year is Shaping the Future, so I asked our interns (who are with us from February to May) to share what they’ve learnt during their time at Studio 24.

Our names are Ben & Brian and we are last year students at HoWest College, Belgium. For our final semester, we are taking part in a 4-month internship at a company, either national or international. We took the opportunity and applied to Studio 24 Ltd right here in Cambridge.

Working at Studio 24 has been fun, it’s one thing to work on a project in school but a totally different thing to work in a company. The atmosphere and genuine care by the people who work here gives us a lot of satisfaction and it provides trust, which is important.

What have we learned? For me (Brian) a lot of CMS and PHP systems. In my specialisation at school we haven’t looked at WordPress at all. I’ve set it up twice if I remember correctly, but it didn’t go much further than just writing a couple of posts. I (Ben) have learned a lot about WordPress Plugin development, Headless CMS and PHP in general.

The routine in a digital company is something we both learned about. How project management is handled, time management, etc. It’s a valuable and important skill to know about in the future. Something cool is that everyone learns from each other. It’s not because we are interns that they ignore our opinions, they include us in questions on how to build something and value our input.

Our internship will be coming to an end but we think we’ve learned a significant amount of skills to help us in our career.


Brian Dendauw and Ben De Boevere, Intern Developers at Studio 24
Brian Dendauw and Ben De Boevere, Intern Developers at Studio 24

It’s been a pleasure having Ben and Brian with us over the past 4 months. They have done a great job with everything we’ve thrown at them, from interactive JavaScript and HTML work to Progressive Web Apps and developing WordPress plugins in PHP. They both have a fantastic attitude, are full of ideas and have fitted in with the team really well. I’m sure they will both go on to great things in the future!