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Headless CMS has been around for almost a decade and experienced an explosive growth, in particular in recent years. Still, the marketplace is confusing, crowded and it doesn’t require a veteran industry analyst certificate to see that many vendors are struggling to define what they sell.

Yet, to customers trying to select the right tool, it’s not only hard to navigate a rapidly growing ecosystem of architectures and vendors, it’s also more important than ever. Your digital presence clearly matters and how you build it has huge impact.

Based on our background as owner of a digital agency (Simon) and organiser of the CMS Expert community (Janus), we’ve been in many conversations about headless. In this post, we’ll share why you might want to consider a headless CMS, our advice on what you need to make it work, how to select the right one, and finally, a list of vendors to inform your shortlist.

Read our post on headless CMS in 2023 on the Boye & Co website. 

If you like to know more about our work at Studio 24 please read our case studies on how we used a headless CMS to manage complex data integration for Crown Commercial Service and our headless CMS approach for the W3C website redesign.