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As you may or may not know, we here at Studio 24 do a lot of work with charities and it is something we are very proud of. As a part of our ongoing efforts to stay at the forefront of knowledgeable agencies we like to keep abreast with the latest advances and projects within the digital realm relating to charities.

This week we stumbled across this wonderful innovation from the good people over at Bluebird PR and thought it was such a great idea that we would like to share it with you all too.

I introduce to you the #CharitySpotlightFortnight. It’s premise, like most successful ideas, is both simple and extremely effective. If you are involved with a charity then you are encouraged to login to your Instagram accounts and then post a picture each and every day based around that particular day’s topic. This is a fantastic opportunity for small to medium sized charities to tell their story from their perspective and in turn reach a much wider audience in doing so. Topics include marketing opportunities such as showcasing their logo and their methods of communication to profiles of the work of their volunteers and fundraisers.

This wonderful campaign will be running from Monday 13th June right the way through till the 27th and should end up being a lot of fun as well as helping to spread the word. It’s not just charities that can get involved however, we would hope to see many individual Instagram users getting amongst it and posting about their favourite charities and tagging them in with #CharitySpotlightFortnight too. I know I certainly will be!

If you would like to know more then please add @bluebirdPRUK over on Instagram or visit them over at www.bluebirdpr.co.uk for more information.