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How to use Instagram for business

Guides, 3 min read, 6th November 2015

Instagram can be used for a lot more than just pictures of food or filtered lifestyle snaps. Depending on your business, it can be a key tool to your social media strategy.

How to manage good passwords

Guides, 4 min read, 21st May 2014

Passwords are pretty much a broken concept in modern technology. Every website asks you to create a new account and us normal people can't realistically remember more than a small number of passwords. And as each day passes, another massive website has been hacked, exposing sensitive login data to criminals.

Simon R Jones
Simon R Jones

Heartbleed SSL bug

Guides, 2 min read, 10th April 2014

You've probably heard about the Heartbleed SSL security bug that surfaced earlier this week. It's an incredibly serious bug in OpenSSL, the software that powers around two-thirds of secure sites on the web, that can expose sensitive information. This post details the issue and what we're doing to protect your sites.

Simon R Jones
Simon R Jones