The Elizabeth Coteman Fund

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The client

The Elizabeth Coteman Fund is a family established non for profit organisation which has been dedicated to improving survival rates and quality of life for those diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer since 2010. Everything they do is voluntary and is driven by their personal family loss and deep desire to improve the experience of Pancreatic Cancer sufferers and their families. 

The objective of the fund is to support sufferers and their families and boost the support for, and impact of, research into Pancreatic Cancer. This includes providing grants to individuals and their families effected by Pancreatic Cancer, and raising awareness and donations through fundraising events and volunteering.

The challenge

Studio 24 has supported the fund from inception, by providing a digital platform through which to do this. The initial site was built in 2010 and in 2013, Studio 24 agreed to extend their support by building a new, responsive website to help expand the vital work that they do.

It has been a pleasure working with Studio 24, their work for us has provided our organisation with a quality communications and marketing tool, on top of which we have established a good working relationship with them.

Gerald Coteman, Elizabeth Coteman Fund

Key requirements and goals were agreed at the start of the project, which included:

  • Increase donations for the Fund to award to research, sufferers and their families, by adding a payment facility
  • Create a more professional website  but keep that family element for users to relate to
  • Be more informative and become a well known resource in Pancreatic Cancer
  • Generate more awareness of Pancreatic Cancer and The Fund

The solution

The site was built using the Drupal Content Management System and uses responsive design technology for accessibility and to make it as future proof as possible.

Social media has been heavily integrated with Twitter feeds on most pages and the ability to share content or comment on information; this helps build a community and be as informative as possible at all times. Payments are taken via as a cost effect solution for the charity.

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