ImmBio Innovating Vaccines

The next generation of vaccine developers with headquarters in Cambridge


The client

ImmBio is developing next-generation vaccines targeting a number of serious infectious diseases, based on its proprietary technologies.

Located at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge, ImmBio was founded on advances in our understanding of the immune system, in particular, the key role of the dendritic cell (DC), which presents breakthrough opportunities to prevent infection.

The challenge

Because Immbio don’t make vaccines for market themselves or sell to the public in anyway, the site is purely an informative resource and a window in to their organisation.

Studio 24 delivered on time and on budget, a website that exceeded our initial expectations. Feedback on our new site is excellent and follow up support from Studio 24 has been exceptional. I recommend Studio 24 without reservation.

The new website needs to assist ImmBio in obtaining license deals from worldwide companies such as GSK and Pfizer who would be viewing it in many countries, on a variety of devices.

The solution

The new site was built using Responsive Design technology. This enables ImmBio to keep their information accessible to as many potential customers as possible, while remaining professional and true to the companies branding.

The sites responsive design means that ImmBio’s important information is kept prominent at all times, enabling users to navigate the site in as few clicks as possible.

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