Third Light

A user-focused website utilising the latest best practices to reflect the standard and quality of the Third Light software.


The client

Third Light is a software company which creates products that simplify the organisation and management of digital media files, otherwise know as 'digital assets'.

They serve a global community of customers from their headquarters in Cambridge, and have resellers in the USA, Australia, South Africa, Singapore and Scandinavia.

Founded in 2002, they now support more than 550 clients. Their products are used by organisations such as the United Nations and Oxford University, brands that include NASCAR, Fujitsu, and Virgin, and not-for-profits such as the Scouts, and Guide Dogs.

The project 

The team at Third Light believe in doing things right and aware of our expertise, they chose us as their digital partner.

They’ve been a client of ours for many years and the most recent project was to conduct a full audit and update of their site; a proactive approach to position them as the market leader in their field and aid continued expansion internationally.

The solution 

The audit began with a full evaluation of the user experience design. This included reviewing the navigation, user questions/tasks, and responsive nature of the existing website. The second part of the audit involved assessing the front-end technology, giving a full review of the Content Management System (CMS), plugins and code.

Following the audit, Third Light asked us to undertake a full refresh of the website to improve the overall user experience and stand them apart from competitors.

This involved a new design based around the existing brand/colours, but taking it to the next level in terms of responsive interaction by using a fluid approach, ensuring the experience is the best possible.

Other improvements which were implemented in the redesign included increasing the width of the site, font size and line spacing to give a more contemporary feel and increase readability. This was complemented by deeper pages, using the added depth to promote the benefits. We also addressed the positioning of the products, images used, and calls to action.

On the technical side, the CMS and plugins were updated to the latest versions to include security updates and bug fixes.

The end result is a fresh, user-focused website utilising the latest best practices to reflect the standard and quality of the Third Light software.

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