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How we helped East Anglian Air Ambulance to share life saving stories and increase their funds

East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) is the charity providing a helicopter emergency medical service 365 days a year for the people of East Anglia. Since their launch in 2000 they have attended over 20,000 lifesaving missions, touching the lives of many thousands of people.


Following rapid growth, the EAAA required a new website which would position them as a leading charity and help them to meet new fundraising targets.

The primary objectives for the new website:

  • Effective communication with EAAA’s multiple stakeholder groups, creating a stronger emotional connection between the user and the charity. These stakeholders include: new supporters, former patients, EAAA lottery players, corporate supporters, donors, media, staff, volunteers, and medical professionals.
  • Clearly communicating to users that EAAA is a charity and needs support
  • Increased fundraising for the vital service provided by the EAAA



The EAAA use their website as a key tool for communicating with and gaining support from their multiple stakeholder groups. We held a series of content workshops with EAAA to identify these users and understand their needs. This would inform how we could improve navigation and allow users to access the content relevant to them via the quickest route.

We wanted the content focus to be on the people involved with the EAAA – including staff, volunteers, and patients. This compelling content would create a stronger emotional response from users. It was important that users could understand and be inspired by EAAA’s work, read their stories, find out how to get involved, keep up to date with the latest events, and purchase lottery tickets.

How we engaged users

Following the scoping phase, we designed a website that put the experiences of EAAA’s users at its heart. We created an emotive, people-focused site where the design and navigation allowed visitors to easily understand and be inspired by EAAA’s work. We paired this inspiration to a call to action by asking supporters to make a donation.

We made the ‘call to action’ emotive and compelling with strong facts including:

  • the number of missions on the homepage
  • the cost of each mission
  • locations and mission reports displayed on an interactive map (using Google Maps)

We used stories from patients, supporters, volunteers, and staff to gain support and digital traction. Story formats include: video, podcast interviews, articles and photography. Each format has a social sharing benefit to help promote the charity. Users can filter stories by crew, patient, staff or supporter. Users are invited to share their own stories: https://www.eaaa.org.uk/stories/

The EAAA website has a responsive design to make it accessible to users on all devices (e.g. mobile, desktop, tablet, TV). More websites are loaded on smartphones and tablets than on desktop computers so it is crucially important that users can access information and donate via their mobile phone.

How we've helped EAAA...

46% increase in users since 2016

10.33% increase in online donations since 2016

From staff, crew, patients and their family and friends, to the lottery players, volunteers, donation givers and the person who retweets; everyone plays an important role and has a story to tell. By developing a community and empowering users to create and share, we can say thank you and grow together.

Ian Axton
Ian Axton, Studio 24

How we increased fundraising

We changed the navigation so that items that would raise funds such as the shop and the lottery are moved to top level to stand out.

The website donation form can play a crucial role in helping to raise much needed funds. So we designed and implemented an effective donation form following best practice drawn from research and testing. We implemented the following techniques:

  • Evoke empathy: tell your donor why they should care and what impact their money will have
  • Remove distractions: remove all unnecessary links and allow your donor to focus on the one reason they’re on your donation page
  • Make it easy: visitors are more likely to complete their donation if they’re presented with a smaller number of options e.g. three compelling donation amounts, explaining what each amount can buy
  • Make it quick: the donation form is not the place to ask for lots of personal information. Asking for as little information as possible will always give better results.
  • Say thank you: use the thank you page to remind your donor what impact their money is going to have & show them the people they will help
  • Follow up: the email receipt is the perfect opportunity to ask more questions and convert your one time donor into a long term donor


Charities need to raise funds to operate but a lot can go wrong before website visitors become donors. Our simple, usable donation form will support charities to raise crucial funds and help those in need.