Bottisham Village College

An outstanding and aspirational academy providing education for 11 – 16 year olds


The client

Bottisham Village College (BVC) have established themselves as a leading comprehensive school in Cambridgeshire, with outstanding Ofsted Reports they’ve now gained Academy status. The college realised their website was in drastic need of updating and that their use of social media for contacting parents, was not facilitated well enough on the site. They appointed Studio 24 Ltd as their web consultants and after reviewing the schools needs, the redesign and build project began.

The challenge

The main criteria for the website was to showcase and deliver a rich, dynamic online presence that reflected the nature of the school while easily facilitating contact with pupils and their parents.

Although the site mainly needed to focus on the College aspect, sections for the Schools Sports Centre and Adult Learning Centre, were to be included as well.

The solution

To present a highly professional, flexible and innovative face to parents and students, Studio 24 proposed that the site be built responsively so that it could be accessed easily from mobile devices, as well as desktop computers. Using responsive technology would also allow BVC to have more important elements of the site like the Twitter and News feed at the top of a mobile page.

Each of the schools faculties and departments have their own Twitter accounts that run independently from the main BVC account. Each account can be accessed from the relevant faculty section on the site, helping students and their families stay up-to-date with information more relevant to them.

Studio 24 also integrated BVC’s Outlook calendar so that any important dates are updated automatically to the site and viewed on the Calendar page.

The separate areas of the site dedicated to the Sports and Adult Learning Centres are accessed from links in the header. The content and global elements of the site then change when users select a specific centre e.g. sports, which helps the user navigate to information more effectively.

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What We Did